What The Fuck Is This Site?!

A Message From JohnnyWadd: The Original Vice Junkie.

Hello, everybody. My name is Jon. You can call me JohnnyWadd. Well… here it is: April 1, 2009. The official launch-date of Vice Junkies. I know that doesn’t mean shit to many of you right now, but I promise you; someday you’ll look at this site as your bible. The party nation was not complete until we came along. You’ll remember this day as the day it all began.

So, I’m sure you asking yourself just what the fuck this website is all about. Well… I’m about to explain it to you. Before I do, though, I have one request for you. Don’t look at our site as it is right now. Recognize the vision. Understand the potential. Have faith in what we’re trying to create and be patient with us while we create it. Someday, you’ll look back and say that you were a part of it all in its infancy. Reward us with your faith and patience right now and I promise that we won’t forget you on the back end.

Simply put, Vice Junkies is a party-based travel website… or a travel-based party website. Look at it whichever way you want. I don’t give a shit. See, I’m a globetrotter. I’ve been around the world. The thing that I’ve learned is that when people travel, they want to party. The problem is, you don’t know what you can and can’t do, nor do you know where you can and can’t find it. You’re a stranger in a strange land. Up ‘til now, you’ve been at the mercy of the locals or the travel manuals or the entertainment section of the local newspaper. You know what I’ve learned? They don’t tell you shit!!

The bottom line is that we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We’re not trying to break off a chunk of what’s already out there. We’re trying to create what we’ve always been looking for. We’re trying to create the ultimate forum for travelers to share what they’ve learned in pursuit of the vices. This isn’t gonna be your typical travel website. We’re not gonna tell you about the Roman Colosseum unless there’s some sort of kick-ass rave going on inside. We’re not gonna tell you to check out the Great Wall of China unless it’s guaranteed that you’ll get laid on top of it. This isn’t your father’s travel website. This is for all the hard-cores out there. You know who you are. This isn’t a site for everybody, but to those of you who this site is for, it will become indispensable to you.

Simply put: we’re gonna give you the tools so that you can party until your heart’s content. Sex, drugs, booze… name your vice. If it’s in the party world, we’re gonna cover it. We don’t care if you wanna shoot heroin in your eyeball. It may not be for the rest us, but who are we to judge?! As long as you’re not victimizing anybody, it’s all fair game on here.

We’ve come up with some good ideas to set this site apart from every other site out there. We’re gonna revolutionize user-generated content. We’re gonna use RSS feeds to create the party if it doesn’t already exist. We’re gonna give you all the essentials for not only planning a trip, but getting the most out of your destination once you’re there. I realize right now that it’s all rhetoric, but just bear with us. Recognize our vision and climb on board. We’ll all be better for what you can give.

It’s time now to rally the troops. Vice Junkies has arrived. It’s up to all of us to make it into what it has the potential to be. We can make this into something great that we will all be proud of. Are you with me, fellow Vice Junkies?! Let’s get the motherfuckin’ party started!!

I thank you in advance for all your help.


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