Useful Information About The United States:


Sturgis – First full week of August in Sturgis, SD.
Spring Break – Usually March or Early April in various locations.
Mardi Gras – Usually in February or March. Especially popular in New Orleans, LA.
Burning Man - Last Monday of August to first Monday of September in Northern NV.
Halloween – October 31st. Not just a kid’s holiday anymore.
NYE – Duh!! December 31st
Cinco de Mayo – May 5th. Mexican Independence Day. Especially popular in California.
St. Patty’s Day – March 17th. Especially popular in Boston, MA
Kentucky Derby
Belmont Stakes
Over-The-Line Tournament – July in San Diego on Fiesta Island

This list is continually expanding.

Duty Free:

1L of spirits
1000 cigarettes, 100 cigars, or a “reasonable” amount of loose tobacco for citizens.
200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, or a “reasonable” amount of loose tobacco otherwise.

Drinking Age:


Age Of Consent:

Varies by State. Observe 18 as a rule of thumb and you’ll be okay.

Consulate Numbers:

Find the number of your county's consulate at the following web address:
Embassy World

Useful Phone Numbers:

Emergency: 911
Directory Assistance: 411 or 555-1212