May 22, 2009

So, I was finally able to get my Australia information up. Sorry it took me so long. I'm in the process of updating everything that I've posted so far by linking shit back and forth. When I'm done with that, I'm torn as to what to do next. I'm either gonna start to learn CSS - which is a programming term that you don't give a shit about - in order to make the site a little easier on the eyes or I'm gonna go back to writing so that there's a little more information to peruse. I guess that depends on my programmers. If they're lookin' like they're movin' forward, there's no sense for me to work on the programming bullshit. If they don't... I guess it's on me. Gotta make this shit more desirable some how. Text is fuckin' boring!!

Gotten a little bit of feedback over the past few weeks. I welcome it and ask for more. The main concern that's been voiced so far is that the write-ups are too long. Don't fret, my minions... I understand that. As I've said a hundred times so far, what you're looking at is no where near what the finished product is gonna be. I'm eventually gonna break it down. Don't worry about that. I understand that people don't wanna wade through pages and pages of shit to get to the information that they wanna read. A guy who wants to fuck doesn't care about the information meant for the guy that wants to get stoned. I get that. Don't worry... it's gonna get there.

So... that's all I've got right now. Without further ado...

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April 24, 2009

I'm learning at a geometric rate, here. I know enough now about Dreamweaver to at least get my information up on the web. Granted, it's not very pretty yet. If you wanna read some lengthy text documents, here you go. Give me a break... I've only learned HTML coding so far. Check out what I've got. I'm gonna continue to learn this shit and eventually this fuckin' thing is gonna start to take shape.

Don't give me no shit... at least I'm off the ground. It's a learning process. Eventually, this stuff will get broken WAY down and you'll have a nice, pretty website with links galore to help you party your ass off. I promise... it's gonna be fuckin' sweet. Just might take me a few months. Just be patient with me. We'll get her going soon. You've lived your whole life without it. You can wait another couple of months.


April 21, 2009

All right… I know you guys have been faithfully checking this page waiting for it to change. I’m sorry… I promise that I already have a shitload of information and it’ll all be up very soon. My programmer has been slacking lately, so I’ve got to get the ball rolling myself. I’m currently in the process of familiarizing myself with Dreamweaver in order to start building shit myself. Dreamweaver is Adobe’s web-development program, but I’m sure you couldn’t give a shit less about that. Anyway… within the next week or two, you should start seeing shit appear up here. I’m gonna post shit as I’m building it.

Thanks for your patience.